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Paper Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine C900

Paper Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine <span>C900</span>

DB-C900 die cutting machine combines the functions of paper slitting, die cutting and edge trimming, reduces the slitting step in the traditional process, eliminates raw material loss, also improves utilization ratio of raw material and qualified rate of finished products. This paper cutter can greatly reduce the energy consumption and labor intensity of workers. It is an ideal equipment for cutting all kinds of paper products, such as paper bowls, paper boxes, trade marks and so on.

Technical Parameters
Cutting speed 100-250m /min
Paper size 135-400g /m2, width: 355-880mm
Machine weight 2100kg
Paper width 950mm
Cutting method Die cutting (suitable for roll paper)
Cutting plate size 950mm ×420mm
Power supply 380v 50Hz 6.3kw
Roller length 1000mm
Dimensions (L×W×H) 3000×1600×2000mm
Control system PCL servo control (color mark sensor)

The paper cutting machine adopts high precision gap feeding mechanism, electronic overload protection device and high speed automatic feeding system to achieve smooth feeding, accurate positioning, and tidy paper collection. PLC microcomputer control system and LCD human-machine interface are adopted to achieve automatic operation, and can display all duty parameters, such as working speed, operating current, batch number, quantity of finished product, etc. Changing the different varieties of product parameters only need to be set by the interface. The key parts of die cutting machine, control system and fasteners adopt imported products, ensure the stability of machine pressure, accurate positioning, make our paper cutter safe and reliable.

This automatic die cutter is applied for cutting papers which are used forall kinds of paper cups, paper bowls, etc.

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