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Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., LTD. is a front-line business company based in China. Founded in 1999, it is a well established and well accepted name in a host of business realm. Within a short span of time, New Debao has earned a unique name in the entire region of Asia and now its presence is visible in western countries also. New Debao’s core business is in intelligent paper cup machine, double wall paper cup machine, paper cutting machine, and full automatic paper cup production line. As such it is a leading manufacturer and marketer of full automatic cup packing line.

Having adopted the concepts “Best Material, Top technology, Excellent service” in every process, New Debao’s machines are intelligent, high-efficiency and energy-saving in every aspect. New Debao’s strength lies in its technological innovation and quality assurance. With matchless support and encouragement from the customers, New Debao is always on constant quest for giving the best services to the customers.

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