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High Speed Paper Bowl / Paper Container Forming Machine, DEBAO-1250S

High Speed Paper Bowl / Paper Container Forming Machine, <span>DEBAO-1250S</span>

Product Features
This DEBAO-1250S automatic paper Bowl making machine is highlighted with two rotary plates for forming cups at twice. As the upgraded product of the previous machine with single rotary plate, this machine is structured with intermittent indexing device, vertical shafts and gears for transmission. It realizes the reasonable distribution of all functional assembly.

Technical Parameters
Model DEBAO-1250S
Weight 3500kg
Packing size 4000×1620×2100mm
Power supply Three-phase 380V, 16KW
Air source 0.5-0.8MPa, 0.4cube/min
Production capacity 50-70pcs/min
Paper size Single PE / double PE
Paper weight 230-400g /m2
Paper cup size (A)φ90-150mm (B)50-135mm
(C)φ60-115mm (D)5-12mm

This whole machine is lubricated in the spraying way so that the abrasion of accessories is lessened effectively. It applies the imported Lister heater from Switzerland in the adhesion of the cup wall with the bottom. Owning to the PLC with solenoid valve, the flow quantity of the silicone oil is controlled precisely. Moreover, the product supplies twice edge curling process. The first time is to curl the edge over rotating the paper. For the second time, the curled edge will be heated and sized, improving the forming strength of the paper bowl, as well as the nice curled edge with stable dimension.

This automatic paper Bowl making machine is under the control of the PLC in the whole forming process. Due to the photoelectric failure monitoring system and the servo feeding system, it strengthens its performance and accomplishes the stable operation at high speed. Once any failure exists, this equipment will stop automatically to minimize the labor intensity and increase the safety and stability.

The CCD image detection system can be selected for detecting the damaged bowl, stains, shaping defects, the paper bowls made in the stop and other faults. Instead of the manual selection, this system lessens the secondary pollution. Our DEBAO-1250S automatic paper Bowl making machine facilitates the cup making process and combines the paper feeding and bonding, bottom feeding, upper cup heating, bottom curling, knurling, edge curling, bowl unloading, inspection and automatic counting in one process, especially suited for forming the paper bowl in the height ranging from 50mm to 120mm.

More Details

1.Our automatic paper Bowl making machine is designed in an optimized inner structure including the vertical shaft gears for transmission and barrel indexing cam, ensuring the transmission precision and high synchronized performance. It makes all the parts work harmoniously in different strokes, effectively avoiding the mutual crash and damage of these parts. This product also overcomes the original shortcomings in the chain transmission, such as the vibration and unsteady performance.

2. In the box type structure, the automatic paper Bowl making machine uses the oil spraying system for lubrication. It minimizes the abrasion of parts, improves the heat dissipation and realizes the fast operation.

3. The Leister heater will heat the cup bottom in the mold and then the bottom will be sent for gluing to the cup tube. It enhances the heating effect and ensures the knurling quality.

4. This machine is configured with the PLC and the photoelectric fault tracking system that run in the whole process. Moreover, the servo system is able to accomplish the automatic bottom feeding when it detects the cup tube.

5. Aside from the Japanese Omron and French Schneider electrical elements, this automatic paper Bowl making machine chooses the outstanding control system including the PLC and the operating interface with touch screen.

Paper bowl has quickly become the most viable of the green tableware in twenty-first Century, international well-known fast food chains such as McDonald's, KFC, and other famous instant noodles companies have used the disposable paper bowl.

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