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Paper Cup Making Machine DEBAO-C22

Paper Cup Making Machine <span>DEBAO-C22</span>

DB-C22 paper cup making machine is a multi station automatic machine, its working process includes automatic paper feeding, sealing, oiling, punching, heating, knurling, rolling, edge curling, discharging, etc. It is an ideal equipment for producing paper cups with height of 135-180mm.

Technical Parameters
Model DB-C22 DB-2C 22
Weight 1600kg
Packaging size 2800X1400X1800mm
Power supply 380v 50hz 5kw 380v 50hz 9kw
Air source 0.4-0.6MPa , 0.5cube/min
Production capacity 30-40pcs/min
Paper type Single side PE coated paper Double side PE coated paper
Paper weight 150-250 g / ㎡ 150-380 g / ㎡
Paper cup size (A)φ60-128mm (B)45-180mm
(C)φ50-97mm (D)4.5-10mm
More Details
  • Adopts inclined frame, the cup drop rate reaches99.99%.
  • Flat head clamp is adopted to ensure effect of feeding paper smoothly.
  • Paper cup bottom conveyor can adjust automatically.
  • Uses gear drive to replace of the chain drive, which can improve the drive stability.
  • Die plate, paperboard plate and cup wall plate use aluminium material, they feature of light weight, good anti rotating inertia and long service life.

Our paper cup maker is widely used for popcorn buckets and 22oz paper cups.

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