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High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine DEBAO-600S

High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine <span>DEBAO-600S</span>
High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine <span>DEBAO-600S</span>

Product Features
This DEBAO-600S automatic paper cup making machine uses two rotary plates to finish the cup forming at twice. Based on the previous machine with single rotary plate, this product is upgraded. Structured with intermittent indexing device, vertical shafts and gears for transmission, it is able to accomplish the reasonable distribution of all functional assembly.

Technical Parameters
Model DEBAO-600S (curved organic glass door )
Weight 3500kg
Machine packing size 3030x1520x2250 mm
Cup holder packing size 1290x570x2100 mm
Power supply Rated power: three-phase 380V, 18KW
Actual power: three-phase 380V, 8-9KW
Air source 0.5-0.8MPa, 0.4cube/min
Production capacity 90-100pcs/min
Paper type Single PE/double PE
Paper weight 200-380g / m2
Paper cup size (A) φ60-95mm (B) 50-135mm
(C) φ40-75mm (D) 5-12mm

This machine sprays the lubricant on all the working parts so as to reduce the abrasion. It also introduces the imported Lister heater from Switzerland that is applied in gluing the wall and bottom of the paper cup. Due to the PLC with solenoid valve, the flow quantity of the silicone oil is controlled precisely. In addition, the edge of the cup will be cured for twice. The first time is to curl the edge over rotating. For the second time, the curled edge will be heated and sized, increasing the shaping strength of the paper cup with nice curled edge and stable dimension.

In the whole forming process, the automatic paper cup making machine is under the control of the PLC. It makes use of the photoelectric failure monitoring system and the servo feeding system, improving its performance and realizing the stable operation at high speed. Once any failure exists, the machine will stop automatically, minimizing the labor intensity and enhancing its safety and stability.

The optional CCD image detection system is capable of detecting the damaged cup, stains, forming defects, the paper cups made in the stop and other faults. The artificial selection is needless and this system succeeds in lessening the secondary pollution. Our DEBAO-600S automatic paper cup making machine simplifies the manufacturing process. It is able to smoothly finish the paper feeding, paper bonding, bottom feeding, upper cup heating, bottom curling, knurling, edge curling, cup unloading, inspection and automatic counting. Our product is especially applicable for making the paper cup in the height from 50mm to 135mm.

DEBAO-600S intelligent high speed paper cup machine is widely used in advertising paper cups, milk tea paper cups, disposable paper cup, coffee paper cup, etc.

More Details

Vertical axis adopts gear drive, cylindrical cam optimizes internal layout, all of these can ensure the transmission accuracy of this paper cup making machine, improve the synchronization performance, so as to achieve the coordination of the stroke, and avoid component damaged.

The paper cup making process is controlled by PLC, optical eye monitoring system is adopted, servo control system is used to control feeding the cup bottom, if there is no cup wall, the system will not convoy the cup bottom.

This high speed paper cup machine is designed with box type structure, oil spray and oil lubrication can reduce wear and tear, and heat effectively, so that the machine achieves rapid operation.

Swiss Leister heater is used to glue paper cup wall and bottom. The cup bottom is conveyed into the mould for heating and then cup wall, which can improve the heating effect.

The first step of paper cup edge curling adopts internal rotary forming method, which can improve paper forming strength. The second step of it adopts heating method, which features of beautiful appearance and stable size.

All electrical components are from OMRON and Schneider. The control system adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen human-machine interface.

Intelligent CCD camera system is optional, that can detect the problems of cup damaged, stains, molding defects and machine shut down. There is no need to manually pick, so that it can reduce the secondary pollution of finished product.

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