Shanghai Despu Paper Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Despu Paper Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.
    1. Paper Cup
    2. Paper CupDESPU-C260/B180 has become the most advanced high-end ice cream, snacks and pasta container forming machine.
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    1. Paper Container
    2. Paper ContainerDESPU has various paper cups machines, allowing for the manufacturing of paper cups of different shapes, diameters and capacities.
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    1. Paper Cup Outer Sleeve
    2. Paper Cup Outer SleeveUsed together with the C series paper cup machine, it can produce air-insulated double-walled coffee cups, as well as insulated cups with embossed jacket tubes.
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In next few years, we will place our emphasis on expanding our business globally, which takes globally competitive and world standard product quality and service as premise. Going global has become an important link in DESPU’s development course. Clinging on the principles and our promise of high quality and innovation, we are making every efforts to serve our clients.

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DESPU was set up precisely to deliver overall solution in paper cups, paper bowls, paper containers and relative fields. Our production line covers from single standard machine to turnkey solution. DESPU has various products, including high speed paper cup and container forming machine, paper container machines, paper cup outer sleeve machines, customized paper cup and food bucket forming machine, as well as paper cup inspection machine, paper cup packaging machine, automatic case packer and etc. Our new automatic paper cup forming machine enjoys an output of 260pcs every minute.

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