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Developing History

    1. 1999-2005
      1999 Established DEBAO Machinery
      2000 DEBAO-L12 normal speed paper cup machine into overseas market
      2003 Service branch set up in Wuhan China
      2005 DEBAO-L12 was highly attracted in foreign markets
    1. 2006-2010
      2006 ZBD-B middle speed paper cup machine was successfully developed
      2008 Attended Drupa exhibition in Germany
      2009 Company changed its name to New Debao machinery
      2010 DEBAO-600S high speed paper cup machine was successfully developed
    1. 2011-2015
      2011 Automatic paper cup inspection system was successfully developed
      2012 Established long-term cooperative relationship with Detpak, Salman Group, TMA group
      2015 Own our brand of “NewTop” for high speed paper cup machine
    1. 2016-2020
      2016 automatic cup forming production line with package
      Intelligent Operation makes production easier
      2017-2020 After sales service branch plan in Turkey, Europe, Brazil
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