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Our customers

    1. We provide on-site commissioning services, and offer mechanical training, ensuring our customers to better understand DEBAO machines, make work easier.

      We have long years work cooperation with Detpak. We insist creative idea and service support every time.

    1. We have 14 machines in Saudi Arabia, and 10 machines in Oman. We achieve customer to make their own paper cup brand, and sold to Supermarket, coffe shop, ice cream shop...

    1. We face the challenge. Our goal is always same as clients. To make cup better quality!

    1. Our machine in Europe, engineer service in customer workshop for technical training. Customer like our amazing machine.

    1. Our machine in dustless workshop. Paper cup output in high quality and clean for live using.

    1. Our 40 sets paper cup machine in Hangzhou, China. Machine works in full automatic production line. It realized a high efficient work.

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